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From A to Z, we handle IT

The networks are changing. The systems are changing. The only constant in the technology world is change. Leverage that change to see returns on your investment. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we manage your network and infrastructure to help ensure reliable operation. Our advanced reporting tools highlight any problems before they arise, giving our team deep insights into how we can better your systems, before they cause your organization costly interruptions.

What differentiates an MSP from a standard outsourced IT support model is relatively straightforward: Reactive versus proactive support. In the MSP model, system stability and reliability is our highest priority. Unscheduled interruptions cause valuable resources to be dispatched and tied up handling a service interruption event. Spotting and solving problems early saves money for us and our clients.

System monitoringMonitoring (Above)
Our remote health/maintenance/security monitoring system provides realtime feedback on asset health and performance. This reduces downtime and interruptions before they happen.

Our Managed Services include (But not an exhaustive list):

  • Workstations
    We manage the health and security of your workstations. 24/7 monitoring and logging of events enables us to have an unprecedented level of intelligence as to the general health of the workstation group. We can handle deployment of patches, security fixes, application deployment, general health and stability controls, backup and recovery, and antivirus management.

  • Server
    As the nerve center of your organization, keeping these systems up and running is of the utmost importance. Like our workstation monitoring and maintenance, we deploy advanced monitoring and logging software designed to alert us at the slightest hint of trouble. We know about the the majority of outages before it happens, and we take the appropriate measures to keep these systems online. Along with monitoring, we also utilize the same advanced patch and virus management systems that we use on the workstations, but tuned for server systems.

  • Network Infrastructure
    Keep your network running smoothly. Is your internet slow? Is it an internal bottleneck? Is that one guy from accounting downloading six seasons of Game of Thrones in 4k? Information is power, and this also gets monitored and leveraged to develop an actionable game plan to increase and improve network performance. Most networks aren't properly tuned to the workloads they're servicing, but we can help. If there is a network outage, we'll know about it and respond to it. We know about network outages before our customers even pick up the phone.

  • Business Continuity/Backup and Disaster Recovery
    It might be a fire, flood, or a zombie outbreak. Whatever the reason of disruption, we keep you running. Don't lose sleep at night over the unexpected. We use advanced backup and recovery software to ensure your data is secured, and in the event we need it, we can get your data back online as quickly as possible. When a catastrophic event takes place, our priority is a quick return to operations. That may mean migrating all important infrastructure temporarily to the cloud, or bringing online a secondary site to handle business operations. Our business continuity plans are wide and deep. We aim to keep you online when everyone else isn't.

  • Security
    In the majority of compromised and breached businesses, the business was unaware they had been breached. Companies and organizations are learning the importance of security. We get your digital house in order. We follow the latest security trends and vulnerabilities to ensure you are properly protected. Every hour of the day, systems are being probed and scanned for attack points. The majority of these scans are looking for vulnerabilities that have already been patched and protected against. Attackers will also launch spear phishing campaigns to target specific people in your organization to develop a pathway into your network, or to exploit the end user. The attack vectors are limitless, and the attack surface of today's businesses is increasing. We defend your data, and defend your network. 
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