Virtual Information Technology Officer
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What is a Virtual Information Technology Officer? (vITO)

In short, a vITO works to align technology with your organization's purpose. We develop a comprehensive technology strategy that enables technology to work towards your goals, and not against it. Collecting, measuring, and interpreting systems data is an important part of harnessing information technology, and we use this data to accurately measure if your process and systems are helping you reach your goals.

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The vITO (Virtual Information Technology Officer) operates as your organization's virtual technology strategist. For small and medium sized businesses and organizations, it can be cost prohibitive to have someone dedicated to overseeing all your technological needs of the business. We work alongside your already established IT support to develop a comprehensive roadmap to the future. 

What we can offer:
-Developing a comprehensive systems roadmap for your organization
-The ability to pinpoint ways in which IT systems can be harnessed to improve the business process
-Giving our clients a technology expert to aid in the IT decision making process
-Strategically planning and overseeing current or future critical IT projects
-A trusted source of information regarding anything related to your IT strategy
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